The Brentwood Library, Brentwood Tennessee  

The John P. Holt Brentwood Library in Brentwood Tennessee is a few miles from my house and I can walk there via the Brentwood trail system (which is twenty-plus miles of paved peace if you're asking me.) This library has been my favorite place for years, and one thing that always intrigued me about it was that it was built over an ancient grave site. 

The ancients unearthed were of the Missippian Culture and most of the bones and artifacts were dated circa 1300 and 1400's. The more research I did into this culture, the more fascinating they became to me. With the help of the international audio tour app, VoiceMap I created an audio walking tour so I could share some of the mysteries of these sun worshiping ancients with others who are intrigued by those who lived, loved and died here 700 years ago. 

Sprits of the Ancient South is one mile and 30 minutes of audio. You can get the tour HERE.