Your Dog's Stars

Our canine counterparts are beloved companions, selfless champions, protectors and yes... best friends. Do you know when your puppy was born? 

life is good

life is good

Aries Pup

Aries dogs are high-energy pooches who seem to stay puppy-like for longer than other dogs. They also take longer to train. They are head strong and don't see the point in learning human tricks, but will eventually learn whatever dog behavior you want to teach as long as you are unfailingly consistent in your methods. 

There is something loveable about their rascally immaturity and they have a way of getting the undying affection of their owners early on. Their owners often think of them as children instead of dogs. And even though dogs are pack animals, an Aries dog does well within a family of humans even if there are no other dogs. As the first born of the zodiac, the Aries pooch has a secret belief that he or she is special and deserving of certain privileges and usually an owner will concur. 

Ruled by Mars, the Aries dog can be an excellent watchdog. You have to be careful about other dogs though because Aries is an Alpha Dog by nature and will be aggressive at times. You should not risk taking an Aries dog off the leash around other dogs until you are sure about the dynamic.

Taurus Pup

The Taurus dog is most loyal to the person who feeds him or her. Born under the sign of appetite, the Taurus dog is motivated by food and learns quickly for the right treat. 

This earth sign dog loves the outdoors and can run in nature for long distances. He or she has a keen nose and sniffing the various things found in nature is one of this dog's great pleasures in life next to digging holes. Unless you take your Taurus dog where it's fine to dig holes you can say goodbye to your nice lawn. 

Like Taurus people, Taurus dogs derive self-esteem from working and are hard workers who do not give up easily on difficult jobs. They make excellent service dogs in many areas of life. But if your Taurus dog is more inclined toward the pampered pooch lifestyle, Taurus dogs wear that role well too. The really seem to appreciate nice things and have a healthy respect for possessions. 

Taurus also rules the throat and this dog has a strong, intimidating bark. Rules about barking should be enforced early on or the dog will wear out his or her owner's ears and patients, not to mention any neighbors the owner might have.

Gemini Pup

Your Gemini pup is friendly and thrives among other dogs. This dog might also get along with pets of a different species and is usually sweet with children too. Curious and active, Gemini needs more attention than the average dog, namely because as the sign of communication, this canine wants a constant back-and-forth interaction with his owner. It will seem as though your Gemini pet understands what you say perfectly and indeed he or she may! 

Symbolized by twins, Gemini dogs tend to have two sides -- one that's good as gold and the other that's mischievous and cannot be trusted. Don't tempt the Gemini dog by leaving tasty human morsels on the counter because the mischievous side of this dog's personality is also a thief! Shoes, slippers and easy-to-reach garbage will also be targets and enablers of the Gemini dog's worst tendencies. 

But the good twin more than makes up for the sins of the naughty twin. This dog is social and fun and will be the life of the party among dogs and humans alike.

Cancer Pup

Your Cancer pooch is a homebody just like Cancer people tend to be, and this dog loves being inside with family. Territorial instincts run strong for canine Cancers and they take a ritualistic approach to controlling their own area and property. They are little decorators who have their own ideas about where things should go. Sometimes your shoes or dirty clothes wind up in their beds. They may have a favorite toy that they keep in a particular place or bones carefully hidden away. Cancer dogs don't forget what's theirs and where it is. 

Cancer dogs make excellent medical assistants because they are so in tune to the subtle changes of their owner's chemistry and mood. These sensitive pups can be trained to recognize symptoms of a particular medical condition and respond to help their owner get help. 

dogs love new groups of people interacting in their world. They are proud and like to show off at home. When you have friends over, these dogs may get more animated and will gladly perform for the company.

Leo Pup

Just as Leo people are born entertainers, the Leo puppy has something inside that wants to entertain and delight. Truth be told, this lion of a pup wants all of the attention all of the time, but will usually settle for most of the attention most of the time. The Leo dog takes adorable to new heights. Adorableness is a secret weapon, a key to forgiveness and a method for obtaining table scraps. 

Leo has a strong drive to be the Alpha dog as this pooch is from the royal sector of the zodiac and feels entitled to wear the crown. Discipline can be a problem with a dog who thinks it deserves to rule over an owner but with consistent leadership laid down from the start, this dog will fall into line. Ultimately the Leo dog is a pleaser and just needs to be shown the right way to do this. 

The Leo dog is filled with family pride, is loyal and will protect ferociously regardless of breed. If he feels that his family is at risk, even a teacup sized puppy can be fearsome!

Virgo Pup

Neatness and order are the trademarks of Virgo people and dogs alike making both a pleasure to live with. This Mercury-ruled puppy learns the rules of the house quickly and a more considerate dog would be hard to find. Bonus: this pooch doesn't share the bad habits of some of his canine counterparts and you won't find him digging in the garbage unless there's truly no other food around. 

Impeccable grooming is important to this pretty dog who is happiest when smelling fresh with a shiny trimmed coat and good breath. You might not think such things matter to a mutt, but they are essential to the Virgo dog's self-esteem. A healthy diet and regular exercise will contribute to the happiness of any dog, but for Virgo it's an absolute must. 

Virgo dogs are into their routines and once those habits are established, Virgo pups don't like those rituals to be interrupted or changed. Therefore, when you're going out of town, the Virgo dog might prefer to be cared for by a pet sitter who will check in at home rather than kenneled off-sight.

Libra Pup

The Libran realm of the sky highlights design and aesthetics. It is the where art and culture come together. It is the realm of beauty, fun, ease and love sweet love. This is why the Libran dog, regardless of pedigree, comes off like a designer breed. The Libra dog is born with dignity, refinement and universal appeal. 

This pup blends seamlessly into multiple-pet families and has the uncanny ability to tolerate even the most difficult of personalities. It's not because the Libra dog cowers or suffers bullies kindly, rather it's because the Libran dog has a strong sense of inner structure that other animals and people find it easy to understand. It is immediately apparent how to include and interact with this animal. The dog is, in short, likeable. 

People and families going through rough times may find the Libra dog to be a harmonious influence that brings them together in shared love and amusement. Libra is the sign of peace and diplomacy and this dog can accomplish a kind of treatise forged in the language of love.

Scorpio Pup

This intriguing pup's magnetic personality will reel you in and his or her choices will surprise you. That's not to say these choices will always be what you want. Scorpio dogs have been known to chase skunks, steal pies, tear down wallpaper and the like. They've also been known to save lives, Lassie-style. Whatever your Scorpio dog does, it will be legendary. 

This water sign dog is the ideal beach or lake companion. Scorpio loves fun in the sun followed by a cool swim. Another gift of Scorpio dog's water sign energy is a deeply feeling, empathetic nature. This is a comfort and cuddle-beast who can heal just by snuggling up. 

Scorpio is the sign that represents the cycle of life and the legacies we pass on, which is why the Scorpio dog is among the best to breed. Professional breeders will find that Scorpio dogs pass down the best of their pedigree and champions of every breed will be spawned of Scorpio parents.

Sagittarius Pup

You can spot the Sagittarius dog in traffic, nose out the window, ears flapping in the wind with a big smile across his doggy snout -- a canine explorer of the world, happiest on the go. This pup loves to meet new people and smell new smells. The perfect environment is one he hasn't seen before. Fearlessness is a Sagittarian trademark. This pup is the first to jump in the swimming pool, or head toward that intimidating Great Dane and say hello. 

Guided by Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, the Sagittarius dog is a lucky charm. Owners of Sagittarius dogs credit them for social introductions and other fortunate happenings. These dogs lead their owners into interesting situations they wouldn't otherwise have had a reason to know about. Even when they are misbehaving, something good usually comes of it. 

Sagittarius dogs have a strong need to be free. They love to run off the leash and can't resist the escaping the fence when they get the chance. Tags and/or microchip registration is a must for this puppy!

Capricorn Pup

Vanity is not usually a value associated with dogs, but the Capricorn dog is an exception. This pup is image-conscious and wants to be well thought of by peers and family. She's preoccupied with the social order. He cares about your opinion of him and hates to be laughed at. This is one dignified dog. Capricorn is happiest when exhibiting excellent manners, grooming and breeding to the whole world. It's as though this dog is always competing for "Best in Show." 

Don’t worry, all this pride still comes with a whopping dose of unconditional canine love, even in the case where your Capricorn canine happens to be challenging you for top Alpha position. Capricorn happens to be very amenable to training and like their human counterparts will go for straight A’s. 

Capricorn dogs have a knack for accumulating wealth, which in puppy terms usually has to do with toys and bones. Capricorn dogs love to hide treasures all around the house and yard -- it's as though they are saving for a rainy day.

Aquarius Pup

The friendliest of puppies is Aquarius. He'll make people smile within seconds of meeting. Her gentle curiosity has a way of opening doors. This dog's network of friends include humans, dogs, cats and more. Singles who own an Aquarius dog will find that the puppy is the best icebreaker around. Also, the Aquarius dog can serve as a test for potential suitors. Anyone who cannot get along with the Aquarius dog is suspect. 

Born into the sign of philanthropy, Aquarius make excellent service dogs, especially for the blind and ailing. They put people in a receptive mood and bring them together. This dog is somewhat indiscriminate and doesn't see differences in people which puts those who feel like outsiders at ease. 

Because of the Aquarius dog's high intelligence, extra challenges will be needed to keep this dog occupied. You should never underestimate an Aquarius dog's ability to destroy things, as this dog takes destruction to the level of art. Before you leave an Aquarius dog alone, look around and assess the worst that could go wrong and take measures to prevent that loss.

Pisces Pup

Pisces is the old soul of the zodiac and with a soul's age comes wisdom. The puppy born into the last zodiac sign has the ability to relate to and empathize with every sign that has come before and will be an emotional and spiritual touchstone for his owners. That is not to say that this puppy is always well-behaved! In fact the Pisces dog is highly impressionable and apt to follow along with what the other animals and people are doing. If there are troublemakers around, Pisces dog will be a troublemaker too. If the prevalent energy is obedience, Pisces dog will fall right in line. 

Unusually sensitive, Pisces pups sense changes in the moods and health of their owners. They react strongly to weather and find storms unsettling. They hear visitors from a great distance and will go after pests before others detect them. Because Pisces dogs are so sensitive they are best reprimanded by a strong, calm presence. Anyone who feels out-of-control while dealing with a misbehaving Pisces will be met with a dog who is equally out-of-control. Because they are so excellent at mirroring emotions, Pisces dogs are apt to help their humans be more aware of how they are feeling and this awareness is the first step in moving toward the feelings we desire to embody. In other words, Pisces pups are teachers who help their humans follow their better angels. 

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