Transcript of Original Interview...

Q: What's the story? 

Worst idea ever…I moved to Los Angeles without money or skills and was trying to make it as a waitress, but you might be surprised at how difficult it really is for some people…

Interview with a Science Writer

The science writer Christie Aschwanden wrote an article about me. And I love it! The title made me laugh hard.

When she asked for an interview I thought, a science writer interviews an astrologer, what could go wrong?  


How to Write a Love Letter in 12 Easy Steps

It’s an age old tradition. As long as writing has been around, so have love letters. If there is a more touching gift than the articulation of one’s amorous feelings in a form that can be held and kept as…


Sun and Venus Conjunction in Capricorn

 My sister Vicky just showed me some new software -- Adobe Spark Video -- and I messed around a bit to give you a 48 second forecast about the next 48 hours. For me, 2018 will be the year of…

Your January Cosmic Calendar

Happy 2018!

I made you a calendar! 

Moons, planet transits and other fun... day-by-day... here's January! 

and you can download January free HERE.


3 Golden Friendship Rules for the Highly Sensitive

Friendship with the highly sensitive is sweeter for its depth, more fun for its specificity and trickier for its complexity. Then again, you just have to know the rules – here are three. 

No lumping.
One easy way to keep track…

What is an Empath?

Once upon a Star Trek series, there was Next Generation character called Dianna Troi who was half-human, half-Betazoid, and who, through some gift of paranormal electronics, had the ability to sense emotions telepathically. Troi is credited for bringing the term…