What is this "Artist Residency" all about?

Q: What’s this “Artist in Residence” bit about?  

A: "Artist in Residence at Earth” is a private joke between me and me that has to do with the topic of jealousy.  

I’ve always identified as a creative person but have often felt that for one reason or other I was unable to express or explore this part of myself to the extent I wanted to or thought I was capable of. So when I learned that there were people in the world, artists, who were given support, supplies, a space to do their work, money to live on, etc. I would see those words, “ARTIST IN RESIDENCE” at… Dartmouth or Towneley Hall or some famous museum or hotel… and, well, let’s just say certain fingers of mine would get really twitchy (read: middle) and I'd suddenly be punk-rock-moshpit-kick-off-level mad. You ever been that kind of jealous?

The fantastic thing about jealousy, and the reason it’s one of the great gifts of human emotion, is that jealousy can be an extremely direct arrow to our purpose and our talents, some of which are so secret to us we wouldn't know about them if it weren’t for our jealousy. Also, jealousy can teach us what we truly want (as opposed to what we’ve been conditioned to want, which is different, societal, and a lot of times inauthentic on the personal level. This is partly why humans are historically pretty bad at knowing what is going to make them happy.) So in a weird way, jealousy -- intense, maddening, hate-filled jealousy -- can be the most direct line that we have to our own happiness. 

I'll just skip ahead in this story to the part where I realized that it was highly improbable that anyone, ever-ever was going to give me the prestigious position of "Artist in Residence." Lots of reasons. So many. Not the least of which is that most of my “art” is, in colloquial terms, “all over the place.”  It spans mediums, defies genre, and quite often exists as a grandiose body of theoretical work, showing mostly on the gallery walls of my own mind.  

Arguably, that fantasy-existence is still an existence. And you know what? I believe in it. I believe in my art. And sometimes I put it out into the world, and sometimes it makes me, or maybe even a few other people feel... idk, ponderous? Entertained? Momentarily, sensorily satisfied?  

Anyway I no longer have to be jealous of anyone who has an ARTIST'S RESIDENCY because… and this is big people, drum roll maestro!....  

I, Holiday Mathis, have been generously self-granted, and have graciously accepted the position of Artist in Residence at Earth.  

Please hold your applause until all the names have been read. 

Yes, I’m talking to you. Do you identify as a creative? Do you need support, resources, a soft place to land your artist’s soul? 

Add your name to the following certificate:

click to download your own printable! 


I look forward to seeing what this new position brings!



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