This New York Times article is very old but the fact remains that right now, somewhere in the world, thousands of intelligent, educated and spiritually connected women are praying for you. Indeed they have devoted their whole lives to the…

How to be Jealous and Why You Should

“Dear Holiday, how can social media be a positive thing in my life? Right now it’s making me cry because I can’t stop noticing how happy my exes seem to be, and yes I’ve been creeping on the pages of …

Leonard Cohen

Invite them to your email inbox, which I did when I signed up for this poem-a-day project "POME" by Matthew Ogle. This moment of surprise art has been a defining spark of a morning routine that tips me careening into…

Billy Collins

It is January four.

Yesterday I lost my glasses somewhere on a trail, doubled back, tripled back, quadrupled back to no avail. 

I did all of my errands twice to four times because I got it so wrong first blush…


Museum 21C

in nashville, tn,


so worth the visit 

why did it take me so long?



Korby Lenker

a favorite


can't help it, i feel what I want to feel


honored to be a part of Korby's MORSE CODE PROJECT and this song we wrote together turned out pretty FEEEEEllLLLLLY. Thank you BEEeee.

What is this "Artist Residency" all about?

Q: What’s this “Artist in Residence” bit about?  

A: "Artist in Residence at Earth” is a private joke between me and me that has to do with the topic of jealousy.  

I’ve always identified as a creative person but have…


Transcript of Original Interview...

Q: What's the story? 

Worst idea ever…I moved to Los Angeles without money or skills and was trying to make it as a waitress, but you might be surprised at how difficult it really is for some people…

Interview with a Science Writer

The science writer Christie Aschwanden wrote an article about me. And I love it! The title made me laugh hard.

When she asked for an interview I thought, a science writer interviews an astrologer, what could go wrong?