Three Things an Empath Shouldn’t Leave the House Without 

If you think I’m going to say a crystal, a smudging stick and a tuning fork resonator… that’s ok, you just don’t know me yet. 

Let's assume you already have weather appropriate attire, your keys, wallet and breath freshener. There are a few more things you’re going to need if you’re the sort of person who tends to be more affected by environments and people than others around them seem to be. 

Tool #1

An intention you can get behind. 

For people with sensitivities, there are many reasons to leave the house that seem joyless, ordinary or draining. Because sensitive people are more affected by environments, they need bigger reasons to take them on. 

Let’s say you’re going out to do some banking or grocery shopping. This might seem like a nothing errand to some, but if you’re sensitive, a few hours in traffic, interacting under fluorescent lighting, having exchanges with people of all different energies and emotional levels… well, the stressors add up and simple errands like this have soul-sucking potential. But an intention that goes beyond the ordinary can turn the outing into a quest or a fun game. 

What if your intention was to smile at 10 random people? What if your intention was to listen to an interesting podcast on the ride, or to seize the opportunity to sing in the car? Intentions like these will keep the mind of the Empath – which is creative and warm and needing a positive focus – engaged in the higher vibrations of life. 

Tool #2

The full plan. 

I know that people think you’re this free spirit and you can just play things by ear, follow your whimsy, lalala. Unless your intention is to do an exercise in whimsy, you’re going to be much better off outlining an actual plan. 

Here’s an example of the kind of plan I’m talking about. You’ve been in this situation: you leave for a party with a group of friends and you figure you’re all going to have fun and come home, end of story. That is not a plan. A plan is: you leave with a group of friends and you make sure you have an Uber app or an alternative ride home in case your friends have a different idea about the party exit strategy than you do. 

As an Empath, boundaries and structures allow you to relax and enjoy yourself more than you would in the case where you're trapped at a party, longing for jammie time. 

Tool #3 

Psychic protection. 

I’m not talking about crystal magic or spells or whatnot. This is about mustering up a protective energy. It’s about projecting a certain kind of vibe that lets people know you’re watching out for yourself. 

Mind you, this doesn’t have to be about you putting on this totally badass ass attitude. You don’t have to seem tough. Armor is protection. Bubble wrap is protection too. I think for most of the circumstances in my life, I’ll take the bubble wrap because I don’t want to go into the world like it’s a battle. I want a fun, flexible layer of protection because most of the time I prefer to think of life as a game or a curious amusement. I need a psychic protection that’s more of a buffer than a barrier. 

There are many ways to create psychic protection. It can just be a way of being. It can be a ritual, an incantation, it can be something you do in a mirror, it can be a physical exercise, it can be the earphones you put on to make sure that random people are discouraged from talking to you. It can be the way you hold your eyes so as to focus on just what you need to do, or so as to invite the interesting, warm, seemingly good intentioned people to say hi. 

If you don’t have good methods of psychic protection, stay tuned, it’s a topic I’ll break down into more specifics in the future. 

I hope these tools can help you in some way. I love you and I want you to leave the house with all the good things you need to do YOU.

Rock On!


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